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Anna Augensen | 10/24/14

Teeth whitening is a common practice in general dentistry.

Barbara Brandt | 10/24/14

For this reason, patients must undergo a rigorous selection process before they can start with the implant.

Jason Logan | 10/24/14

The temporal bone is located immediately in front of your ears. Choose a toothbrush with a handle that is long enough and wide enough to handle it for you.

Fred Melton | 10/24/14

If you do not like to floss, try using floss picks to make it easier to get in between teeth.

Guido Basciani | 10/23/14

Dentists and endodontists are specially trained to test a tooth to see if the pulp is infected or damaged.

Donna Haney | 10/23/14

The good aspect of dental implants, based on most people, is that it is almost impossible to distinguish all the implants from the natural teeth. There are many ways to brush your teeth, your dentist may recommend a method that is appropriate for you.

Beverly Knowles | 10/23/14

Hydrogen peroxide can increase temperature sensitivity in the teeth, especially at high concentrations, and nightguards often cause gum irritation.

Emi Iijima | 10/21/14

It takes about an hour for a teeth whitening treatment, although many believe that the improvements are dramatic.

Carl Staplekamp | 10/21/14

Dental bridges can last from five to fifteen years, depending on the type of bridge you get.

Helen Hronas | 10/19/14

A prosthodontis is the person who brings together all the dental specialties to fix your smile.

Gwen Mezosi | 10/18/14

Patients often feel more comfortable before the treatment is completed.

Bradley Howell | 10/16/14

The dental routines are not painful and the patient has a faster cure with sedation dentistry.

Garen Meguerian | 10/16/14

Visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleanings and checkups.

Barbara Platt | 10/16/14

Sedation medication induces a type of temporary amnesia during the dental procedure.

Cynthia Jensen | 10/16/14

Sealants are liquid coatings that are hard on the surface of chewing teeth and show a high degree of effectiveness in preventing caries, even in the teeth where decay has begun. If you have to avoid dental visits because of anxiety or fear, sedation dentistry is for you.

Anthony Moore | 10/16/14

If you don't like the way you are treated at your current dental office, don't be afraid to look for a new dentist.

Bryce Jeffcoat | 10/15/14

Imagine how good it would be if you could sleep through dental treatments. A stainless steel crown is a prefabricated form that can be cut to fit and covered by the dentist and the protection of the tooth.

Gary Clark | 10/13/14

Dental floss is available in different forms, waxed, unwaxed flavored, unflavored, wide, thin and regular. You do not want to be stuck with dental insurance that you cannot use.

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